What is Metacircle ?

Metacircle is a European think tank launched to structure and advance the understanding of metaverse technology. It brings together renowned startups from the ecosystem, including metaverse platforms The Sandbox and Dogami, digital brand RTFKT, and client relations platform Arianee. This consortium also invites other technology developers, brands, and content creators within the metaverse space to join, with a cap of 10% for advisory roles such as consultants, investment banks, and lawyers.

Metacircle's ambition is to ensure that the metaverse becomes a "digital common good", promoting open metaverses over closed ones like those developed by Meta or Facebook. The group will also create additional content including podcasts, physical and virtual events, and reports.

KHAIA is an active member of Metacircle

Metacircle european metaverse

Metacircle aims to present a united voice to local and European legislators, a mission that resonates with the idea of a "European metaverse" as mentioned by Emmanuel Macron during the last presidential campaign. It will work in collaboration with other associations specialized in blockchain or cryptocurrencies like Adan in France and will leverage the Metaverse Standards Forum, which includes 40 multinational companies. Their more technically focused mission is to create interoperability standards for the metaverse.