Lessons we've learnt

As 3D Fashion has been one of KHAIA - 3D Studio’s focus, I wanted to share with you a couple of things we learnt while working with customers from the industry.

As of today, Diversity & Inclusivity are at the heart of fashion businesses’ strategy and have become essential components of the online retail. Whether it is about ethnicity, body size, height, skin tone, or genders (gender free). Brands are getting closer and closer to their consumers and are willing to shift their strategy towards body positivity.

What does it mean for the Fashion Tech industry? Brands are now looking for 3D solutions to help them improve diversity and inclusivity online. Whether it could be with virtual fitting, customization in real-time of avatars or 3D Body scans. What a great idea when you can reach your goals while adding gamificiation to it! Brands realised that Gamification drives Engagement, and Engagement drives Attention. This is why we are seeing new 3D Fashion solutions coming to life as the demand has begun and is here to stay. The market is still at its early stage, the 3D tech has still some improvements to make, especially in the quality of visuals in open-gl / web-gl, but we are thrilled to see such an excitement around this topic.

As the success of new businesses is mostly driven by the demand, I really hope we will see more and more 3D startups coming to life in the next few years as Brands are now valuing the importance of bringing inclusivity and gamification to their online business.