Videos Production

Promotional videos featuring two Bored Apes and one World of Women for the launch of H3NSY, a new brand mark dedicated to Hennessy's Web3 ventures and innovative practices.

For this special occasion, Artistic Director Kim Jones designed a pair of sneakers, the low HNY sneakers, in collaboration with the luxury brand Hennessy.

3 web quests were organized to offer a chance to the H3NSY community to win the pair of sneakers.

Situation & Challenges

Within a one-month duration, produce a series of four videos highlighting Kim Jones' sneakers, two Bored Apes ,
and one World of Women. The main challenges in this project arise from the short deadline as well as the requirement to create
the World of Women in 3D, while preserving her original 2D essence.


Utilize an environment that the Hennessy team endorsed from a prior project and adapt it into a 3D format.
Prioritize our efforts on narrative development, character modeling & texturing, animation, and optimal lighting.

Creative Idea

Creative direction was collaboratively developed alongside the OKCC agency team.
Our vision centered on depicting the three characters uncovering the sneakers in a grand reveal.

Inside every video, there' was a hidden clue. We encouraged the H3NSY community to join the search.
The first member of the community to identify all the clues was awarded the pair of sneakers